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Easy ways to Write SEO-Optimized Articles in WordPress


Hi every one today iam going to share you some impotant things like write seo optimized articles  in the wordpress. So firstly i want tell you that if you fallow this steps you can simply rank on google search engines.

And one of the best part to keep getting good traffic for your older or Newer blogs is to just make search engine friendly as much as you can. Because if you make your blog seo friendly than the google will naturaly puches you up on the search engine.

Write SEO-Optimized Articles in WordPress

  • So the thing Write SEO-Optimized Articles in wordpress…….

Its just on the way you write your content on your post will depends on the seo optimization.

Sometimes, your quality of content will drop out just because of your our knowledge on particular subject. You should explain the thing which you want to express in unique way.

Every post of your blog is like a webpage in terms of search engine ranking and you can optimize your each post with your targeted keywords for search engines.

So there are few ways to write seo optimized articles :

Firstly Post and Meta Title :

Meta title and the post title this two are the head of seo first you have to know what the post title and meta title.

Post title : how your reader gets attracted and comes in to your blog

Meta Title : how the search engines shows your post in the search results in google.

  • And one impotant thing is insert your targeted keywords in titles

Make sure your title should be less than 66 characters

Meta Description :

Meta description play an impotant role in ranking the way you right your meta description will gets audenice to come into your blog for the searched one. The most blogger will most concentrate on this meta description.

Post and Meta Title

I have have used this photo from www.shoutmeloud.com friends

You will have the 156 characters to create good description for seo. In this charcaters you have to create an seductive description for user to click on your site.

H1, H2, H3 Headings :

We postly use this tags to create you post more effective and look stylish right.

But it is also play an important role in SEO friends the proper use of the heading tags will be done for the seo friendly. This tags will be used in identify the headings and the sub heading one by one.


  • And make sure that your keywords should be used in H1, H2 tags friends.
  • Because it makes google more readable and pushes up your blog I search engines.

Image Alt Attribute :                                         

Its more important thing when you use such image in your post. Most of the beginners will not do this and google wont accept this.

This is an huge mistake !!

You have to proper names about the image in alt text to understand the google that what kind of image you are using in your post.


  • And also we can use our targeted keyword in the alt text names to increase the ranking of your post naturally mostly will do this.
  • Or else you can use such a plugins for the alt text. you have option in wordpress.

If you use this three ways to write seo optimized articles than your simply ranking on the search engine guys.

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